I Got Nothin’ Against the Amish

Today, I did not eat at a restaurant.

Sundays can prove difficult. The royal family attends church on Sundays. Thereafter, I’m tired. And hungry. And also hungry. When I’m hungry, I confuse easily and often repeat myself. So chalk it up to hunger induced confusion if you wish, but I’m quite confident that a Qdoba chicken burrito with black beans and guacamole once took the trouble to track down my vehicle at a stoplight to inform me that there was presently no line to speak of. True story.

While the King attends church on Sundays, he’s not Amish – in case the blog hadn’t given that away already. I got nothin‘ against the Amish. In fact, the Amish depiction of Heaven tracks as closely to how I visualize it as any other faith. I’ve always found it interesting why they use a French word, “buffet,” for heaven – what with their German heritage. The Queen claims that “buffet” is the style of food service we experienced at an Amish restaurant and not the word for Heaven, but I beg to differ.

At this “Amish restaurant,” there was food as far as the eye could see, a warm bread drawer, peanut butter that tasted like fudge and a wall of pie. Every kind of pie. Butterscotch cream pie. No one stopped you if you kept going to the pie wall. Yep. Heaven.

The Amish experience came after Thanksgiving weekend 2009. I had already gorged myself a day or so prior and had actually eaten pie on the way to Heaven. That day was a turning point because even though I ate until I was wheeled out with a wry meringue coated grin, it wasn’t enough. Later in the day, I wanted to eat again – preferably at a restaurant. This is what professionals call addiction.

To beat an addiction, you avoid the object of the addiction. If you have a cocaine addiction, free cocaine is a bad idea. Hence, why I turn down free food from a restaurant. It is something much more than a symbolic gesture. If you’re in a fight, you fight to win. When you are accosted by talking burritos, perhaps it is time to reevaluate your relationship with food. If there is a habit, a routine, or a practice in your life that does not fit with or is destructive to your ultimate goal, then attack it. Be bold and courageous enough to do something radical and run from whatever is your talking burrito or your pie wall even if you’ve convinced yourself that it is Heaven.
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    Love it! Keep ’em coming!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/08841983203637387137 Don Current

    Definitely good advice with very wide application! What’s the Bible say… “Flee temptation”? I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have a footnote that says “unless it’s free”.