The Royal Family

Queen oF see

I am married to the Queen of Free. She has curly red hair and likes to wear a crown.

This is what we look like holding hands in the forest.


This is what we look like on the day we make our final payment of our $127,482.30 debt.


Or maybe this too.


These are our Princesses, full of life and beauty. And when they do this {which happens rarely but happens all the same}, my heart melts.


Princess Eldest’s name means “Grace Given Back to God.” She is indeed my grace. She loves to read. She’s good at math. She plays guitar and can knit and crochet like nobody’s business.


Princess Youngest’s name means “Life He Gave.” And full of life, she is. She loves to swing, sing, and wear cowgirl boots. She fills our days with giggles as the girl is naturally hilarious. She was the catalyst for our debt slaying journey.


We really like each other. We love to spend time together. And while we are far from the perfect family, we’d like to think Heaven begins now on this planet in the family we’ve found together.


Sometimes our lives look more like this:


Than this:


But we’ve still got it pretty good. Thanks for sharing our journey.