In-Laws, Outlaws, and Everyone in Between

I’ve said it before, no two things make people crazier than sex and money. No matter how hard we try, our finances and relationships will always bump up against one another.

Do you struggle communicating with your spouse about money?

Are celebrations like birthdays and Christmas a challenge for your extended family?

Have you been invited to go on a vacation that you simply can’t afford?

Looking for better ways to communicate with your kids about money?

Does everyone on your block think that you’re crazy for paying off debt? *It might be a good thing if they do!*

This 1 hour session taught by both the King and Queen of Free will help you focus in on what really matters in life, develop strategies for better communication, and form a plan to keep you from overspending and overextending when it comes to the relationships in your life and your finances.

Hear our story and struggles, laugh at our mishaps, and know that there is HOPE for you, your finances, and the people you love, for better or worse.