Save Money, Pay Off Debt, Lose Weight, & Learn to Be Awesome

Sound a little too good to be true?  While there are no magic pills to take, nor magic beans to plant for success in your life, there are some simple strategies that hold true no matter what you pursue.  In this session, I share our family’s “Debt Slaying Journey,” of paying off over $127K in just under 4 years.  Humor, inspiration, and down-to-earth advice {seriously, even my elderly next door neighbor agrees} intersect and you might learn that what you’re looking for already lies within you.

The discipline to do all of the above isn’t nearly as grueling as you might think and it might even be *gasp* fun to pursue something you’ve never been able to do before {or at least you think you’ve never been able to do it}.

Surprise yourself.  Begin your own Fairytale today.