King of Free

Husband to the Queen of Free, the King of Free partnered with the Queen to slay over $127K in debt from April of 2008 to March of 2012 (read: 4 years). The Royal Couple is now debt free.

As part of the epic battle against the dreaded Debt Dragon, the King of Free stopped eating at restaurants from January 1, 2010 until July of 2012.

The King of Free is: an electrifying speaker; a philosopher; a thinker; a motivator; a father; a friend; a gardener; an outlier; a playground legend; a visionary; an ambassador of hope, an agent of change, and a master of the figure four leglock; a writer; a reader; a goal-setter; the protaganist; saved by grace; the greatest rock, paper, scissors champion of all time; and a certified Dragon slayer.

When he’s not belting out the names of contest winners, you can probably find him speaking to groups about all things money. The Lowe family’s money saving and debt slaying exploits have been featured in The Wall Street Journal; Yahoo Finance; AOL Daily Finance;; and several other media outlets. Through timeless wisdom, practical tips, and a moderate level of insanity, Brian helps his audiences avoid common money traps and gain hope for an extraordinary financial future. He’s a husband, a father, a lawyer, a judge, and a DECA alum. He’s also the greatest rock, paper, scissors player of all time.