This one time, I killed a bear

Today, I did not eat at a restaurant.  I did, however, take my Queen to Qdoba.  Major muscle memory must survive a 1.25 year hiatus because I found my hand gravitating toward a basket of chips.  Mmmm chips.  My past experience where I killed a bear sure did help me resist that crisp, salty, fried-empty- carbohydrate goodness. 

There’s this story about this kid who killed this giant with this slingshot.  Amazing event.  But, in its retelling, certain details are often neglected.  This wasn’t a Bart Simpson styled slingshot. His slingshot could hurl rocks at ridiculous speeds and the kids of his day practiced with it to the point of remarkable accuracy.  He previously killed a lion.  He also killed a bear.  Giant shmiant – bring it. 

In High School, I gave up caffeine for over a year. Bear. But for a handful of aberrations, I haven’t had pop/soda/Coke for well over a decade.  Lion.  I’ve given up dessert for a year.  Big angry bear. This stuff is kinda what I do.  It’s more than a test of will though.  It’s adjusting and adapting your lifestyle to your present set of circumstances for a greater goal.  The debt dragon is formidable; just like the giant.  Not eating at restaurants is just a bear I need to kill on the way.  I’ve killed plenty of bear.  Dragon shmragon – bring it.

Which brings us back to the giant killer.  The way it’s normally told is that God showed up big in the showdown. Yep.  Not diminishing that.  Do not lose sight of how God showed up really big in a lifetime of preparation for the showdown.  Think through what bears and lions you have killed.  Think through what slingshots you’ve mastered.  What experience and tools can you draw upon to whoop the giant you are facing?