Today, I did not eat at a restaurant

Today, I did not eat at a restaurant. Yesterday, I did not eat at a restaurant. It has been at least one year, two months, and twenty-four days since I have ate food or drink, free or paid, dine-in or take-out from a restaurant. My Queen has urged me to blog about this experience. To date my response has been, “today, I did not eat at a restaurant doesn’t sound very interesting.” It’s not that interesting – for me. It’s just how I roll. I also dress myself. Everyday. What somehow got lost on me is (in a phrase borrowed from one of my favorite authors) “this” is almost always about “that.” There is a reason behind not eating at restaurants. In fact, there are several. Those reasons have little to do with actual restaurants and more to do with me. And to the extent that my journey may prove helpful or even entertaining to anyone – I shall so blog. The Queen, more often than not, is right about such things.

To be perfectly clear from the onset, I’m not trying to convert or convict anyone. I have a story and it’s unusual. That’s about it. Plus it gives me a chance to clear up the big three questions that I get: Why? How? & What? The “what” question is always the most fun for me because it turns into a game of worst case scenario and is a testament to the human imagination. So yes, if I was on a deserted island where the only food available was in an abandoned Subway franchise, I would eat food from a restaurant (maybe). We’ll get to the “what” later. The “why” is where I’ll begin next time in a post tentatively titled, “Honey, there’s a dragon at the door, but I think Chuck D can help.”
  • Michelle

    Congratulations on your first post! your story is unusual, and I think it will be interesting to read about — the Queen is totally right on this one.

  • King of Free

    Thanks, Lady Michelle.

  • =)Bnpositive

    Awesome to see your finally publishing your world-wide-wit!

  • Katie @ Frugal Femina

    Welcome to the blogging world!