i eat food part 2, electric boogaloo

What i eat is usually not the real question. The real question is: how is that possible? The interrogative is predicated on a notion of impossibility resulting from perceived necessity. Ubiquity could be the culprit. On my 2.23mi ride home from work, i pass over twenty restaurants and can see a handful more in the distance. Prevalence, while adding to temptation, is not the sole bearer of culpability. I blame the Joneses.

The Joneses are your metaphorical negative subculture and i’m not sure why you’re still hanging out with them. Lately, i’ve noticed that people’s perceptions of truth are heavily clouded by who they predominantly spend time with. Shocker, right? For example, if you hang out with smokers – everybody smokes (only 18% nationally), if you hang out with folks who are heavy drinkers – everybody drinks, if you hang out with shopaholics – everybody overspends, if your neighbor has a new flat panel TV or a new sports car or a new motorcycle – everybody has one.  We find this type of influence often in adolescent subcultures and label it peer pressure. The phenomenon also and especially pervades impoverished neighborhoods. If you are trapped in a subculture that believes one thing to be true that is not, how do you ever get out?

I dunno (KoF = not much help).  I’m captain anti-establishment, but i’m sure that i’m trapped to some extent in an overgeneralized subculture. What i do know is that just because it appears that everybody eats at a restaurant, doesn’t mean that i have to.  Just because it appears that everybody has a credit card, doesn’t mean that i have to. Just because it appears that everybody has a car payment, doesn’t mean that i have to.  Just because you’re not supposed to end a sentence with a preposition . . .  Just because everybody has a mortgage doesn’t meant that i have to (foreshadowing).  And just because sallie mae whoops everybody else doesn’t mean that i’m not gonna spend the next 11 months stomping a mudhole in her and not. looking. back.