i eat food

Common Question: if you don’t eat at restaurants, what do you eat?  i eat food.  Not lightning as has been rumored (i started that rumor and it never took), but food.  For breakfast i eat a 1/2 cup of oatmeal (under $.07 per serving) with part of a banana, peanut butter, and splenda.  Of my satisfying and tasty breakfast, splenda is the splurge. Including the splurge, breakfast still hovers around $.25 per serving total.  Lunch is leftovers and dinner is usually an economically well-crafted QoF creation.  i try not to eat refined carbohydrates or processed foods, but it doesn’t bother me if i occasionally do.  If all the Royal Family ate were refined carbs and processed near-foods, i’m pretty sure we could eat for almost nothing. Even with eating relatively healthfully, i’m pretty confident i could eat for around a dollar a day. Perhaps that’s a future challenge. Perhaps not.

My oat concoction is a big hit with the youngest princess (age 3) and it’s taking the nation by storm (started that rumor just now).  So it’s not really a reduction in lifestyle whatsoever.  But, it’s hard to imagine doing something different than what you have always done.  Instead of thinking that eating at home is deprivation, start from the inverse proposition.  Assume you’re restaurant free.  Let’s also assume you could get a breakfast meal out for $2.50 (seems low).  That’s a tenfold increase in expenditure over $.25 oatmealy goodness.  Take the hypothetical a step further and imagine going into your CEO’s office and proposing that kind of increase in spending on anything – for no viable reason.  It’s not quicker, it’s not better, it might be worse, but let’s pay 10 times more. That’s not gonna end well.

Today, i did not eat at a restaurant.