cookies? really?

be it decreed that june was a bad month. parts of the end of may weren’t spectacular either.  what happens to you doesn’t have to happen in you.  there were highights:

still no restaurants.  i’m in a wedding three hours away from home over the 4th of July weekend and that may present a challenge.  and while i’m perfectly content with declining fogo de chao when prepared to do so; if i’m not paying attention, and if i’ve been in the sun at a parade, and if it’s been a long-time since breakfast, i will loot my three year old’s candy bag and start to unwittingly open a bag of Little Caesar’s cookies (they’re like mcdonald land cookies (does McD’s still sell those?) in appearance) with every intent to satiate the rumbly in my tumbly.  fortunately, the QoF was able to quell the Roman invasion (Read: hey dummy, those are from a restaurant).

we applied for a refi on the castle. 30yr (22 left) to a 15yr.  lots of moat, drawbridge, and dungeon cleaning/repairs for the appraisal.  appraisal came back where we needed it to be and we’re going to close soon with a redonkulous rate.  while the rates are tempting, always make sure that it is financially beneficial to refinance. for us it was huge.  it slowed the dragon slaying though. july we attack. you hear that, dragon?

quit poor man’s cable.  don’t have an antenna.  guess we gave up tv.  quit the culligan man too (am convinced the ancient softener we were renting wasn’t doing anything anyway).  the increase in our mortgage payment from the lowered term should roughly equal the savings of cable and culligan.  except we’ll have seven years less bondage. 

that’s june.  it’s behind us.  c’mon july.

  • punkinmama

    Way to go on the refi to a 15-year! We did that last year. It’s amazing to think of how much money we’ll be saving with that!

    Also, no, sadly McDonald’s does not make those cookies any longer!