follow the leader

june was a bad month.  pretty dark.  technically, june didn’t do anything.  months don’t act.  people act.  but, it’s the expression we use. june was a bad month.  apologizing for not posting is a bit too self-absorbed even for someone who dons a royal moniker.  it’s like a waiter giving a thousand excuses for why your food isn’t ready yet (reason #301 why i don’t eat at restaurants).  dude, i just want my food. so i’m not apologizing -just sayin’ i’ll be more consistent.  darkness kept me down (you’ll never hear that from a wait staff).

when the eldest princess was about three she was marching through the castle soliciting participants for a rousing round of follow the leader. “follow the leader.” march march.  “follow the leader.” march march. “follow the leader.” march SPLAT. face first she went – hard and loudly into the slate floor.  the QoF and i have this deal that we don’t react when such falls occur as the reaction can make matters worse than the injury itself. it looked and sounded pretty bad though and our pause to evaluate seemed an eternity.  as she lay prostrate on the floor, a hand went up in the air like a wrestler refusing to tap-out and we heard a triumphant shout, “the leader is O.K.”

the leader is O.K.  the king is ok. the queen is ok. the princesses are ok.  you can choose darkness or you can choose light.  i choose light.  no matter how dark the darkness is, it is subject to the light. 

  • "The Queen of Free"

    How did you get to be so smart? <3 you.