5th house on the right

at the T intersection you’re gonna make a left and it will be the 5th house on the right.  unequivocally, those were the single greatest set of directions i’ve ever received. eh – ver.

once upon a time, before the royal couple was . . . well . . . the royal couple, they were just a lady and a lord. beautiful. gallant. but, not enough battle scars or singed clothing from the breath of the debt dragon to earn the title of king and queen. not yet. the story of how they met is extraordinary. alas, that is indeed another story for another time. this story is about “the 5th house on the right.”

on the evening of their first date, the dashing lord (love taking creative liberties) traveled to a far off land where several courtiers were preparing said lady for his arrival (or perhaps the pre-queen got ready herself because she’s not pretentious and that’s a big reason i ended up marrying her – either way).  because it was a far travel (seriously – it was far) and in a foreign land, the dashing lord needed the aforesaid directions: . . . it will be the 5th house on the right.  these weren’t suburban close to each other neighborhood houses, these were slow down to 50mph and still be effectively counting houses.  there’s some distance involved. 

in that moment, i didn’t know that i was picking up my future queen. i didn’t know that my life was about to improve exponentially.  i didn’t know that those were the last set of directions that would ever really matter.

the queen’s folks still live in the 5th house on the right. and, i still count the houses. it brings me joy every time. the newly constructed house en route doesn’t affect my count as statements of significance transcend “math.”

we all have statements in our lives like that.  maybe it’s when she said “yes” or “i do,” or when you heard “it’s a girl,” or “you passed.” those were actually other distant contenders for me.  all gamechanger statements.  for me though, everything else occurring thereafter is predicated on the original 5th house directions and everything preceding was leading thereto.  i’m forever glad i followed those directions. i’d do it again. and again.