88 flat panel tv’s

we bought that many tv’s. well, we coulda. i guess that’s different.  it would have been a much more awesome way to go into debt. follow my math.  before you push back and say, “i hate math,” stay with me – i’m a mathmagician.

february 2010 is when we made our first extra payment toward the last debt in the snowball (keep in mind the following totals exclude what was paid from 4/2/8 until feb. 2010 – that math’s gonna be rough). the amount above the minimum payment that we have paid since february 2010 is enough to pay for 88 tv’s.  more specifically, 88 Sharp Aquous 42″ 1080p 60hz LCD HDTV’s. not a word of that makes sense to me, but it sounds impressive.  645 square feet of tv’s with no space in between.  choose an off brand and the number greatly increases.

if the thought of 88 tv’s doesn’t grab you, how about a top of the line 2011 Chevy Camaro, all new stainless steel appliances and 99 luftballons? we’re at showcase showdown levels now. or a decent sized house (bigger than the castle when i looked it up) in the indianapolis area? that’s all with the “extra” cash. if we used the cash for payments toward new debt, we could leverage our way into just about anything. but, we didn’t. and we won’t.

once, someone suggested that the QoF inflated our totals. apparently, we’ve reached incomprehensible status (we don’t think so).  some folks think we must have an extraordinary income to pull this off.  neither is true. regardless of our income, we made a choice every month to use all extra resources to pay down debt. we didn’t have to do that.  it’s sacrifice. an unpopular word. real sacrifice is truly incomprehensible.  without sacrifice, there is no life.