the back 40

cause i’m not a real blogger yet and can’t figure out how to always comment on my own blog, here are some additional books i’ve read or forgot i read when i did the king’s top 40 post.  it’s not 40 more books, but i don’t wanna lose track of what i’ve been reading.

Debt Free U
Square Foot Gardening
Following Jesus
Today We Are Rich (loved this book)
Free Prize Inside
The Likeability Factor
Quitter (like the way Acuff writes)

so 49 books or so in just under 40 months.  since my top 40 post, i spent a lot of time reading Guerilla Marketing (different than Guerilla Marketing in 30 Days), but i didn’t finish it.  Started Generation iY and Drive by Daniel Pink – both good, but didn’t finish. someday.

i’m renewing my mind. it’s part of being free.