everybody needs a walk to the grocery store

freedom is a bittersweet mistress.  celebrations of our freedom as Americans filled this past weekend.  the royal couple also celebrated the nuptials of my life-long friend, Lord Luke The Bassmaster. the KoF was in the wedding and let’s just say that Lord Luke knows how to throw a party.

the rehearsal dinner presented a challenge, ’cause ya know . . . i don’t eat at restaurants and stuff. the food looked and smelled fabulous.  extraordinary appetizers were in overflowing supply. the entrees sounded amazing (the QoF ordered salmon with asian noodles). steak, chicken – whatever you wanted, in whatever quantity was on the menu and on Lord Luke’s dime.  normally – not a problem.  but, your king was famished. it was late in the evening and the KoF’s royal oatmeal breakfast, while hardy, had worn off.  your king was also wrestling with the tension between his steadfast swagger and the humility that comes with not wanting to offend his gracious host.

so, when you’ve got a blog that claims you don’t eat at restaurants, but you’re so hungry that you start to see two QoF’s – you do the logical thing and walk to the grocery store. in an unfamiliar area. in the middle of a party. a great party. with an abundance of food. free food.  at this point, it became more about the walk than about the streak.  when you’re walking to the grocery store while there’s a party going on, an inner dialogue starts up. WHAT IN THE BLUE BLAZES AM I DOING? is but one of the questions you ask yourself.

but the walk, it’s a reminder.  remember when you made the easy choice to take out student loans?  remember when you used that credit card for “emergencies”?  remember what it feels like to be slapped by the debt dragon? do you remember? do you? don’t you remember why you’re doing this? the easy way doesn’t work.  the day to celebrate is coming. but, it’s not. right. now. patience. patience. patience.

we need reminders in our life. reminders of our freedom.  sometimes it’s unleavened bread and a cup of wine.  sometimes it’s fireworks.  sometimes it’s a walk to the grocery store. my freedom does not, however, give me license to oppress others or even myself.  so while i’m free to grab an appetizer, even when it makes more immediate sense physiologically and financially – the walk – the reminder – is more valuable. more beneficial.  more of an exercise of freedom.  the road to real freedom is paved with an uncomfortable inner dialogue and unconventional choices. it ain’t easy. freedom never is. but, it’s better than being servant to a dark and merciless dragon. 

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06851623247752489443 Dustin Stamper

    Brilliant. In the midst of reading this, I was thinking, “whoa, whoa, whoa…hold the phone! This can be applied to more than just not eating at restaurants and debt” and then you opened it up to life and choices – in addition to “The Walk”. Jolly good, King!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/00130423986510093532 =)Bnpositive

    You are inspirational…and crazy! Keep up the great balance of the two!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/03085574906248257896 Bekah

    Need perspective, thanks for sharing

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/08841983203637387137 Don Current

    Walk on, walk on
    What you got they can’t deny it
    Can’t sell it or buy it
    Walk on, walk on
    Stay safe tonight

    “Walk On” – U2