follow-up dragon correspondence

Dear Debt Dragon:

Thank you for your response to my last letter. It was expected. Admittedly, it was more prompt than originally anticipated.  Well played. You sir are quite the formidable foe. This shall be a supreme test of wills.  When i stated that my previous list was not exhaustive, that wasn’t a bluff.  Please note:

we don’t have a microwave. many sing legend of the queen’s stovetop popcorn.

we don’t go to the movies.  netflix. snuggle. queen.

i got the shingles. didn’t stop me – the phantom pain and scars remind me of my purpose.

we don’t drink pop/soda. the water from my congreenient brita pitcher is sublime.

economy stinks.  i’ll outwork it.

nixed the expensive gym membership. local church is cleaner and on the cheap.

no expensive hobbies. i do not something.

we coupon. it’s a verb the way the queen does it.

i sold baseball cards and books.  got more to sell.

sold old jewelry too. sell gold.

you knocked me down. i got up.

you took the june round. we lopped 7 yrs off of your cousin Frank The Secured Debt Dragon.

i no longer just march to the beat of a different drummer. i am the different drummer.

There is a crowd. A movement of people marching to this new beat who are sick of your shenanigans. This beat is my recital. A prelude to your demise. A symphony of destruction.  i ain’t alone you slimy lizard.  We’re coming for you. One small change at a time. We’re coming for you.

yours truly,


p.s.  hope your summer is going well

p.p.s.  gonna sucker punch you in august.

  • Bekah

    Loved this line:
    i no longer just march to the beat of a different drummer. i am the different drummer.

    Your blog should be required reading for every senior in high school! ;D