i do not something

pardon my grammatical stylings in the title, but i’ve been waiting for decades to 1) ignore the confines of acceptable writing and 2) have an audience actually read what i wrote.  given that you’re reading this, i’m apparently two for two.  my 10th grade english teacher adamantly opposed and admonished me against such deviations as i had not earned the right to do so.  what’s up now mrs. K? what’s. up. now?? but so i digress.

i do not eat at restaurants. hence, i do not something.  i don’t really do anything.  i read a great deal, but i don’t have a scheduled “thing” (i’m sure mrs. K would love my quotation marks and the unspecific noun therein).  i don’t run.  i don’t work out every day at the same time. i don’t even blog that frequently. i do use I a ton ’cause mrs. K cautioned against that too (she really was a nice lady – i’ve just been caged by rules for awhile).  i refrain from something. that’s my hook.

it’s easier for me to not do something than it is to do something.  for some folks, not doing something is seemingly impossible.  maybe by not doing something, i give hope. encouragement. those are somethings.  but, in the next couple months i want to think of something to do. that would be a real challenge for me. i like challenges. i like mrs. K too. and the english language. the end. 

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06851623247752489443 Dustin Stamper

    by doing not something, you have caused others (myself included) to be inspired to do not something, thereby you actually did something…so that’s something to keep doing.