an open letter to my nemesis

Dear Debt Dragon:

my primary vehicle is a truck.  said truck has over 215K miles. the paint on the hood is peeling. to exit, i must put down the driver’s side window and open the door from the outside.  often, the window is already down because the air conditioning is inoperable.  it is currently 175 degrees fahrenheit where i live. while ac would be nice, i have no desire for a new vehicle.

we recently gave up cable. killin’ my brain cells anyway.

we ditched the rental water softener. don’t think it ever worked.

we don’t have whole life insurance.  you probably wouldn’t even buy that.

the QoF’s phone belongs in a museum as it is far from smart. it makes calls. it texts.

i eat oatmeal for breakfast just about every day. less than $.25 worth of yum.

the QoF and i don’t make purchases over $50.00 without talking to each other 1st (it’s more like $10.00).
she’s awesome.

we don’t have a HELOC. never did. not risking my shelter for a want.

we rarely vacation. it won’t be long.

we’ve never bought a TV. old one’s just fine.

i have three jobs. i’d take a fourth.

we don’t have car payments (see first paragraph above) – sure it took us awhile. never goin’ back.

we don’t have credit cards. debit does the trick.

the eldest princess takes her lunch to school. have you seen school lunch?

the QoF started making our own laundry detergent and uses vinegar as a fabric softener. i look sharp.

we garden. mmmm nature.

i (yes me) launder my own dress shirts. seriously, i look sharp.

we stay out of the mall. don’t wanna know what it is that i must have.

and for almost 19 months i have not ate food from a restaurant. wrote a blog about it.

can you dig it, dragon? c’mon. i’m not one to come to a battle unprepared. it’s gonna be a slow and painful clubbering over the next 10 months.  only one of us is gonna still be standing.  this list, it’s not exhaustive. i got another. and five smooth stones too.  when i sleep, i dream of ways to destroy you. i meditate on such things.  if that’s not enough; lest you forget i’m married to a frugal ninja.  if you’re lookin’ for mercy, i’m fresh out.

respectfully yours,


p.s. seriously, i’m taking you down.