40 X 40

calling all Lords and Ladies. the king needs your help.  the KoF’s closer to 40 than 30. it’s true. you can’t really help with that. but, maybe you can help with the following list of 40 (or more) things i plan on doing before i turn 40. career and traditional spiritual goals were intentionally omitted. the aspirations are not ranked.  but, if you see something on the list and have a suggestion or an appropriate level of expertise or insight regarding the same and want to share – please let me know.  my last written goal was: “get into law school.”  so . . .  yeah – i’ve been careful not to write anything down since. it’s all out there now. spoken into existence. my secret hopes, dreams and desires. gotta do it now. so it is written. so it shall pass.

1.    don’t run for public office
2.    eat at a restaurant (maybe)
3.    take a picture in front of the Sallie Mae building/sign in indianapolis
4.    debt free but the mortgage
5.    learn to type
6.    learn to swim
7.    get a pool table
8.    write a book
9.    keynote
10.  keynote for money
11.  be in a position where we reasonably contemplate baby step 6 – pay off the mortgage
12.  ride in a motorcycle sidecar
13.  take a cool family vacation
14.  complete P90X
15.  run (not trot) a 5K
16.  make it past the second level of a book/pamphlet called Legendary Abs II that a buddy of mine had in high school.  it’s not that I want (or don’t have) legendary abs – it’s just unfinished business.
17.  begin to do some genealogy.  the QoF disputes the 3 ethnic halves of which i claim to be descended – something about “math.”
18.  make like Rocky and run up the steps of the philadelphia library
19.  tour financial peace plaza
20.  do the introductions for a pro or semi-pro wrestling event
21.  take the family to wrigley field
22.  weekend getaways with the QoF. don’t care where. don’t want to quantify either.
23.  try key-lime or rhubarb pie
24.  orange shoes. retro saucony or chuck’s
25.  try out for jeopardy
26.  have a side business that sells a product
27.  successfully grow pumpkins
28.  spend an afternoon with reggie joiner, dave ramsey, or one of my other favorite speaker/authors.
29.  fully funded emergency fund
30.  save for princesses to go to college
31.  fully contribute to retirement plans
32.  build a well
33.  watch the last dragon with the eldest princess (the youngest won’t be old enough yet).
34.  watch Rocky IV with the eldest princess (and possibly the youngest princess if we catch her up).  it’s just that scene with apollo. i dunno.
35.  show up at a random family reunion with a covered dish
36.  officiate a wedding (if you or a loved one are contemplating nuptials in the state of indiana, lemme know)
37.  rip out my living room carpet (i think there’s hardwood underneath)
38. take a cooking class
39.  wear a bear costume and go about my regular day
40.  own and wear a dress hat (i’d say it’s too much mad men w/ the QoF, but my grandpa always wore one and i think i can pull it off)
41. read on average one non-fiction book per month
42. take a martial arts class
43. learn some basic greek
44. take a massage therapy class

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06851623247752489443 Dustin Stamper

    Maybe we could help each other out. I’ve eaten plenty of rhubarb pies (my parents used to grow it), but I’ve never made one – and I’ve always wanted to. I’ll make it and you can eat it.

    “The Last Dragon” is one of my all-time favorite flicks. Haven’t seen it in years. It was great to see we have yet another thing in common.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/13372529593099788217 "The Queen of Free"

    We own it on DVD and VHS Dustin. Feel free to check it out anytime. Please.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/13372529593099788217 "The Queen of Free"

    Maybe you can also fashion the bear costume for him to wear, as well as make the rhubarb pie. 😉

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/15997276066616590189 Amber

    You can take a martial arts class with Ryan