God, hendrix, vocabulary.

i do something.  while my biggest draw is still that i do not something. i now do something. been walking. two miles at a time. been working out. been more active. got excited thinking about how i was transforming my body and mind from nothing into something. that’s not what i’m doing though – so the object of my excitement is misplaced.  i can’t make nothing into something.

God does that.  creatio ex nihilo. creation out of nothing.  not me.  i have something to work with (not much), so it’s not out of nothing.  i’m not God.  i use double negatives.  too often we take credit or blame for something that is not ours to claim.  it’s more creatio ex materia. creation outta sumpin’.

maybe it’s more like jimi hendrix (sans the drugs . . . and guitar). “i stand up next to the mountain and chop it down with the edge of my hand.”  tearing down the old physical self and building the new.  two miles at a time.