flashback episode

picture haze around this post to get the full effect. 


Q quit job = snowball.

keys to restaurant free and general freedom

Christmas is in december.  i know this because it was in december last year. and the year before. and so on. it will be here soon. traditionally, gifts are exchanged around said holiday.  it’s prudent to consider that now. in august. not late december. 

not eating at restaurants works the same way. the lead time is shorter. but, i still need a plan.    everyday is like Christmas.* i’m not surprised by lunchtime.

we set forth on a pilgrimage to the home of the great rodent father in october (the KoF’s greatest challenge) and i’m planning now. in august. have been for quite some time. i’m not gonna be caught off guard by the lack of grocery stores.  my plan did hit a snag when i actually used the word fanny-pack.   

life works this way.  it has a rhythm.  back to school. tax time. summer. fill in the blanks in between.  certain events happen on a consistent timetable. college. retirement. the unexpected. dinner. all foreseeable events.  preparation is critical.  don’t drop the f bomb on your wife and kid in the wal-mart toy aisle on Christmas eve.** identify potential challenges now.  if you thrive on drama, don’t plan. planning is light to drama’s darkness.

* the youngest princess has an elmo video where santa grants elmo’s wish that it will be Christmas every day. tragedy ensues.  there’s a song about it in said video. it’s nonsensically repetitive. and, it went through my head overdubbing my otherwise coherent thoughts. oh elmo, how i want to hug you and/or make you dig your own shallow grave.

**seriously this happened in two different aisles with two different families dropping it. the folks in the third aisle juxtaposed expletives and derogations in one of those, i guess that could be a verb kinda ways.  it was years ago, but i still can’t get that space in my brain back.  Christmas must have suddenly appeared that year.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/15748811035892142217 Jules

    I hate that Elmo video. We got rid of our VCR though, so said VHS tape went bye bye for 25 cents this past weekend at a yard sale.

    Good thoughts, B. Plan ahead – simple enough.