a new enemy

i need to work-out.  i know this.  but, it’s gonna hurt.  it’s been awhile.

the physical, psychological, and economic benefits are not lost on me.  men’s health was a long-time companion.  my favorite author triumvirate all advocate physical exercise.  past experience indicates that my mind and body function extraordinarily better with a consistent kinesthetic regimen.  leaders exercise. got it. got it all. so why isn’t this happening?

oh, cause it’s gonna hurt.  pain is weakness leaving your body – yeah i got that too.  but, i avoid pain.  it’s not a discipline thing.  it turns out, i can stick to things. crazy things. for long periods of time.  e.g. i’ve worn orange every sunday for three years (it’s kinda like tiger woods without the golf . . . or the philandering).  i don’t eat at or from restaurants (19 mos, 24 days).  those things hurt in the beginning.  over time = no hurt.  got that as well.

in june, i got a bad report from my tux man.  not my doctor.  my tux man.  i’m perfectly convinced that general practitioners have gone soft (not mine – he is rather direct).  too many tell you what you want to hear.  but the tux man – he has to be honest.

the remedy is exercise.  a little bit over a long period of time.  not from couch directly to a Best of the Best training montage.  a 2 degree change. even if i start with a little bit – it’s gonna hurt.  there is no change without conflict. 

this is why we don’t change. it’s gonna hurt.  the pay off is worth it, but abandoning an old way of doing things for something else – even if it is better – will hurt. all change is loss.  money. faith. addiction. unhealthy relationships. the reason we don’t take a step toward improvement is because it’s gonna hurt.  i blog about being an outlier. about discipline. about change. about freedom.

my hypocrisy knows no bounds. i reckon i oughtta rectify that.

it’s gonna hurt.