you’re doing more than you think

dear diary: it’s been 20 months, 21 days, and 23 hours since i last ate at a restaurant.  i’m restaurant free. still. maybe you’re not.  that’s cool.  this isn’t

13 tips to restaurant freedom

a member of the Royal Court wants to go restaurant free.  he asked for tips. he’s the only one to ask. thought i’d share the tips. anybody else wanna try this for 30 days?

1. make sure your wife is on board w/ u doing it
2. don’t force it on anybody
3. three months in – you won’t even want it
4. you gotta get mad. healthy, motivating anger.
5. don’t eat it if it’s free. treating it like an addiction has been key. it may have been an addiction.
6. read non-fiction books, watch less tv. tv makes u want stuff.
7. if you don’t make it after a short period of time – shake it off – get back on the horse.
8. have a purpose, an end in mind.
9. you’ve got me. i didn’t have me. that’ll help. i’m kinda like your sponsor or Roger Bannister.
10. save money in other areas too – one feeds the other. change breeds change. stuff breeds stuff.
11. plan your meals ahead. have nuts and other healthy dry goods on hand. everywhere. it’s good to think ahead anyway.
12. be confident in who you are. restaurant peer pressure is huge.
13. you can do it. you can do it. you can do it.