can someone go to disneyworld and not eat at a restaurant?

people are funny. and awesome.  folks have been asking if the king kept the streak alive at disney.  usually it’s kinda clandestine: asked in a, it’s cool either way – i ain’t gonna tell nobody, low tone whisper while looking both ways to ensure the coast is clear.  that’s appreciated.  but, the cloak and dagger isn’t necessary.  a few of the regulars assumed i just went on hiatus – took a little breaky break. no break. the impossible is possible. had i blogged earlier, several explanations would have been spared. but, i’ve been pretty busy jabbing the debt dragon in the mouth. here’s the condensed summary:

we drove to orlando. 16 hours broken up over two days.  had to eat.  packed a ton of nonperishables. also darted into a grocery store when we stopped to eat.  something called zaxby’s smelled splendid, but that’s as close as it got on the road.  repeated on the way back.

while there: i’d eat cereal in the morning and pack a peanut butter sandwich for midday. and apples. lots of apples.  carried prefabbed trail mix too.  don’t know who Kar is, but his/her trail mix is tasty.  may never eat it again though.  too much of a good thing is still too much.

everybody went to restaurants.  king included.  my meals were prepaid. headscratcher right? couldn’t watch the youngest princess tackle (not figuratively) winnie the pooh unless we used a meal plan for me.  well worth it to see pooh get speared.  didn’t eat food from the restaurants.

there it is. anticlimactic i know. the biggest challenge to date is over. vanquished. may you find hope in my nonconformist battle.