just getting started

today marks the anniversary of the day when i asked your Queen of Free to by my Queen for Life.  best. question. ever.  i am increasingly thankful for her response.  she is amazing.  i have no lack of gain.

thirteen (13) years have passed since my most humble inquiry.  sure we’ve faced adversity, but we’ve also experienced immeasurable joy.  publicly, our persona is built around the shoulder to shoulder combat against the debt dragon (what up dragon?).  privately, our relationship is built on face to face Phase 10 matches at the kitchen table.  i like her face.  i like to look at it. she is pretty and funny and cool. i want to spend more time looking at her face.  when you have a fire breathing common enemy, much of your mutual focus is placed on said enemy.  i prefer my focus to be on my Queen.  i like her.  she is my friend.  i rejoice in the wife of my youth.

with the dragon’s death on the horizon, life’s felt very similar to thirteen years ago.  we’ve been dreaming.  together.  there is an overwhelming sense of hope.  an unmistakable feeling that we are on the verge of something big.  something liberating.  something unifying.  something powerful. 

we’ve done cool stuff.  our princesses are stellar.  our community is solid.  we’ve fought the dragon from a monster to a joke. but, there is this feeling that we are on the precipice of something great.  this urgent yet patient anticipation pervades our very being.  whatever is next is exciting. in and of itself it is exciting, but more so because of with whom i share this adventure.  we’ve done cool stuff, but we are just getting started.  Over $115,000.00 paid off, barely five months left to go and we are just getting started.  13 years from the beginning and we are just getting started.