4 more months

4 more months. 18 weeks or so. 120 daysish. we. are. close.  hopefully, the debt dragon has its affairs in order.   

the numbers are staggering.  we’ve paid off over $117K in 45 months. $37K in 2011. we’re blessed.

as the number of times we’ve smacked the dragon in the mouth continues to climb, we’re (the QoF mostly) asked with corresponding frequency, “how’d you do it?” or “what’s your secret?”

we pay as much as we can toward our debt.  that’s it.  seems to be working.  nothing fancy.  nothing easy.  we don’t have a payment plan that automatically deducts an amount certain from our checking account monthly.  we didn’t pay someone a fee to reorganize our finances.  we don’t use super secret software that has the magic formula to financial freedom.  we’re dave ramsey people, but dave didn’t cut us a check.  we fight.  we fight like crazy.

this is important to note because the dragon’s death is not guaranteed in a specific time-frame.  it’s inevitable, but not date specific.  our income is irregular.  so when i point to the fences and call out 4 more months, it could be five.  it could be twenty.  4 is ambitious.