get out of debt this year

this is the year to get out of debt.  unfortunately, it’s not instantaneous.  for us it was almost four years ago when we began.  this year we’re gonna celebrate (you’re invited). but, this year is the end of the journey, not the beginning.  once upon a time, there was a beginning and it began with a goal.  if you wanna get out out of debt, read the QoF’s 31 Days series.  if you want something less comprehensive, here are my condensed alliterative thoughts on the topic for the new year:

ask who, what, when, where, how, why questions.  the why question is where it’s at.  cast a vision.  people aren’t inspired by spreadsheets they’re inspired by sunsets.* dream big. bonus tip to the fellas: if you’re married, there ain’t nothin’ romantic about a yellow legal pad either.

the how question could be as easy as writing a check – one check.  write the check.  for most, the how is: a little bit over a long period of time.  make small positive changes over time.  too much too fast may put you in a deeper hole.

whatever it is that’s in your way – eliminate it.  destroy it. NO is the word here.  if what you are doing does not fit in with your vision – don’t do it. if you’re spending money at restaurants that could be going to pay off debt – don’t eat at restaurants.  i’m 2 years and two days restaurant free so it or something else unconventional can be done.  caveat: don’t set a helpful sub goal and then lawyer it up so that you find yourself face first asleep in a plate of homemade cupcakes with an extra spoon of icing in your hand.  arbitrary rules always lead to rebellion.  maybe it’s smoking. maybe it’s facebook.  maybe it’s collections, cupcakes, hobbies or shopping.  whatever is in your way – nip it, but for the right reason.

seriously looked this word up to make sure it wasn’t dirty.  we’re good.  expect that you’re going to reach your goal.  believe.  in order to do so, set reasonable, attainable goals.  write them down.  own it or get owned.  post your goal on the fridge, on your doorpost – wherever it’s gonna have an impact. 

if you’re married – encourage one another.  aside from this post or goal setting – encourage your spouse.  especially do so if you’re going to get out of debt.  do so frequently.  find someone of the same gender besides your spouse to encourage you.  surround yourself with encouraging people.

you can do this.  make 2012 the year to start. 

*actually i have a few friends who are inspired by spreadsheets. for them i am thankful.  not my thing though.  sunsets really aren’t either. cupcakes aren’t exactly inspiring, but i enjoy their company.

  • Blingy Chick

    I like cupcakes, too.
    Only free ones, tho… like those you get at birthday parties.
    Feel free to drop one by, anytime your Queen finds them on sale for less than 19 cents.

  • cheeseandicecream

    Ha..Love you had to look expectate. But thanks for the tips King. Only a few more months for you. Congrats and cheers to sprinting to the finish.

  • Nelly

    You can get out of debt if you have the determination, correct strategies, money, patience and perseverance. You need to implement the right strategies in order to get out of debt. Wrong strategies will simply increase your financial problem.

    You need to have patience too. Don’t expect that your debts will go away within a few days. You didn’t rack up debts in a single day. So, it will take time to become debt free completely.

    You need to have money also in order to get out of debt. At the end of the day, creditors would like to get back their money.