how to lose weight, get out of debt, and be awesome in 2012

step one: obtain flux capacitor and build a time machine. 
step two: go far enough into the past so that you can locate former you before former you got out of hand
step two B: do not go so far back that it’s just creepy
step three: while maintaining eye contact, place one hand on each shoulder of former you
step four: shake. scream stop and return to the present in one fluid motion.

while i may have a questionable relationship with reality – i’m serious on this one.  except for the time machine. and the actual breaking of the time space continuum. everything else is on the level.  but, in 10 or so years (when time travel is all the rage and i finally get my jet pack) what will future you implore present you to stop in that awkward shoulder grabbing sequence?

whatever present you would say to former you probably sounds a lot like what future you would say to present you.  i wrote that and still had to draw a chart to explain to myself what i meant.  lemme break it down for you with a couple of questions.  if you continue on the same trajectory, over time where will you be?  is it where you want to be?  what are the long-term consequences of your current behavior?  someday are you gonna want to go back in time and shake the daylights out of present you?  is future you shaking present you right now?

if where you’re headed ain’t where you wanna be – course correct.  if you’re headed toward financial ruin, or worse yet financial apathy – course correct.  if, left on its current path, your physical self is headed to an ER near you or if you eat cupcakes while watching the biggest loser – course correct. if you are headed toward millionaire status, but have no plan with what you’re gonna do with it – course correct.

you will never, and the king means never, be younger than you are right now.  make one, small, positive change today.  you can do this.  future you is counting on you.

  • Blingy Chick