reinvent yourself

so i was half listening to the radio yesterday.  yeah they still have radio.  it was a call in show with an economic expert panel fielding the calls.  here’s the paraphrase of what i heard:

caller: ” . . . boomers . . . jobs . . . china . . . nowadays people don’t have the time or energy to put forth the effort to reinvent themselves.”

expert: “the caller is correct . . . “

the caller is correct? really?  

always be reinventing yourself.  read great books.  learn new skills.  keep moving.  there may be a day when you are in a position where you must reinvent yourself.  be ready. be used to it. be excited about it. or you will find yourself blaming your misfortune on china or some other mysterious force while using time that you could be reinventing yourself to:
1) dial the phone,
2) wait on hold for your turn to be on air, &
3) complain about how you have no time or energy.

energy is precious.  every ounce of it.  how do you use yours?  is it life giving?  is it damaging?  is it wasted? is it maximized?  is it multiplying?