where do i start when getting out of debt or doing anything?

there is no i in team, but there’s an m and there’s an e – and that spells me. and there lords and ladies is where the journey begins.  it’s fun to take credit for things.  taking blame for things – not so much.

accepting responsibility for feeding and nurturing the debt dragon was a huge step.  looking in the mirror can be humbling.  don’t live there though or that dude in the mirror will grow a sad beard and put on sweatpants. don’t be that lord or lady. definitely don’t be that lady what with the beard and all.  recognize it. accept it.  be about the business of reversing it.

viewing the world with me as the problem is also, believe it or not, liberating.  the economy, poverty, the chicago cubs, brokenness of every kind – all m, e, me.  if i’m the culprit, i refrain from criticizing, complaining or condemning – the three c’s that will steal my joy, destroy others around me and trounce my momentum. because if i’m the problem – i’m part of the solution.