i am terrell owens

or i could have been t.o.  not a formerly world class wide receiver whose abs look remarkably like mine (some things we have in common). a dude who made some money, a lot of money, and ended up broke (read about it here).  this isn’t schadenfreude. i don’t rejoice that t.o. has hit hard times.  too much time is spent condemning or celebrating celebrities.  the king’s about building up – not tearing down; and my temple is not a football field or a movie theater.

the story caught my eye because he made $80 million over his career and ain’t got squat to show for it. a stat like that begs a question, not an assumption.  the question is not, how’d that happen?  the question is, am i that guy? i haven’t made $80 mil in my illustrious nfl career; but, i’ve made some money.  by the standards of most folks in the world, i’ve made a crapload (i think that’s a metric unit of measure).   what did i do with it, and what am i going to do with the money i will make?  introspective questions are far more beneficial than ignoring personal application to a hair raising economic figure.

your income raises hair too. so does mine. to someone in the world you might as well be terrell. because money is relative to circumstances, there is little difference between $8K and $80 mil.  have a plan for your resources. waste nothing. don’t let anyone else make all of your financial decisions (t.o. apparently did that). invest in people first. don’t judge.  take responsibility for yourself. be awesome.