still restaurant free

it’s been 2 years, 1 month, and 2 days since i last ate at a restaurant.  i don’t eat at restaurants.  at all.  not even if it’s free. that’s my thing.  that was the impetus of the blog.  debt whooping is the main deal, but the restaurant thing – that’s a freaky weird hook.  my proclamation that i do not something still holds true. i figured out why when i do not something it is easier for me than a lot of folks – this might help you.

i don’t like pain. so i avoid it.  that’s why my workout routines flounder.  that’s also why i don’t let people kick me in the side anymore (another story for another time).  not eating at restaurants is delaying pleasure, not avoiding pain.  getting out of debt taps into the same resolve – delaying pleasure.  on occasion it hurts, but for the most part it’s all about patience.

maybe you’re cool with pain.  maybe after 1000 push-ups you scream pain is weakness leaving my body.  good for you.  not my bag.  but you 1000 push-up screamer maniac friend are completely normal. whichever gift is yours, lean into it.  look back at your prior accomplishments and determine what got you there.  was it a high threshold for pain? was it the delay of pleasure? was it both? apply your proven ability to your goal.  it works.  just ask the debt dragon in our backyard.