the debt drago?

yeah it says drago.  if, at any point, you’ve been watching the almost 4 year long biopic about the king and queen of free – you’re now at the climax.  the training montage is over.  the score has changed from inspirational to ominous tones. this is the final face-off.  antagonist v. protagonist.  good v. evil. the last battle.  the best estimate is that in sixty days the royal couple will be debt free and perhaps the KoF will eat at a restaurant (2 years. 2 months. 2 days. of that subplot). it’s time to dig deep. deep. there is no real margin of error here. no limping to the finish line. this has gotta be over.

every great fight scene of every movie flashes through my brain.  the dragon is real. i’ve smelled his breath and felt his wrath. however, sometimes it helps to personify the dragon through film so that you can see him too.  drago (not a far grammatical stretch) comes to mind. we’re at the point where we’ve realized that the dragon’s not a machine – not invincible. the momentum is in our favor.  the dragon much like drago represents a system of oppression. there is a distinct size advantage.  the dragon’s destroyed people i know.  we’re fighting for something much bigger than ourselves. the crowd is now chanting for us.

but, that’s not quite the best fight scene analogy.  despite my love of yellow spandex it’s not a bruce lee movie either.  i’m not that polished.  there may be nothing better than doc holliday’s, “say when” to johnny ringo.  i’m more wyatt earp though and i gotta finish this on my own. in my head, i want it to be like sonny corleone’s righteous beatdown of carlo in the street. alas, it’s not that one-sided. and, at some point, i’ve gotta go through a toll booth.  i’ve tried to apply my 80’s movie heritage, but van damme, seagal, and dare i say it . . . chuck norris don’t fit (chuck was disqualified because he only bleeds on the inside).

after careful thought and due consideration to many great films and characters: i’m ralphie. yep, from a christmas story. because when it’s all said and done, i’m not a heavyweight champ, a kung fu master, a mob boss, or a deputized outlaw. i’m real. i’m just a kid who had enough. one too many snowballs in the face.  and with tears in my eyes and arms and mittens flailing about for 60 days straight – this dragon is gonna feel all my rage focused directly on its face.

  • Dustin Stamper

    You can take him, King!