debt free observations

it was like a graduation, but better. all change is loss. with a graduation, inevitably there are things you will miss. grief ensues with a graduation. there is no grief here. none. the dragon, is dead. we. are. alive. such is life. for something to live, something must die.

the air is cleaner. joy abounds in even the smallest of details. my feet have not made contact with the ground. the pressure and intensity of a donneybrook/slobberknocker/pier 6 of a street fight is over. no guilt in my dragoncide.

even though we are exuberant, temptation will follow. it’s just how this works. a large enough meal can kill a starving man. more expendable income does not change the concept of utils. we will be vigilant. more expendable income actually gives more opportunity to spend even less in some categories. we aren’t going back into exile, but we need to guard against being the oppressor too.

the victory is sweeter because it came earlier than expected. it is sweeter because we beat the four year mark. forty-nine months doesn’t sound as smooth. the odds of making that mark were not good. we are part of a much bigger story.

there is too much old school hip-hop in my head. it was difficult to describe the last battle in a radio edit. kids: (1) don’t borrow money; (2) put the explicit lyrics down. (1) has a remedy. (2) never goes away.

a restaurant may be in my near future. two years, three months (assuming i make it through today – take nothing for granted). going big or going home. also willing to listen to offers from restauranteers. didn’t get this far by spending money at restaurants.