At Home Bracket Results (first round)

vote early and often for the second round in the ‘errbody else and italimexinese region, and for the bovine & fancy shmancy regions too.. become a fan on facebook.  if ever i go over two years without eating at a restaurant again, remind me that the next tournament should be automated i.e. not hand tabulated.  it’s really fun, but time consuming. 

the best bracket so far goes to Sir Eric.  not because he is in the lead.  because his disdain for both restaurants in one pairing led him to abstain from voting.  seriously – he didn’t forget to fill in a blank. this wasn’t an oversight.  this was conviction.  at risk of losing precious points, he wrote . . .  “neither.” respect, sir eric. respect.  his commentary was also appreciated. 

Lady Meredith receives the  penmanship award.  everyone was legible, but hers was impeccable.  her husband, Sir Aaron (curiously similar handwriting) leads the first round of our bracket challenge.  Lady Laura H. is right on his heels and Lady Julia D. is just behind her. 

there are plenty of competitive scores.  please be reminded that someone can miss only a few in the first round and jump out to lead. but, if the misses were also predicted to go deep in the tournament, that could prove devasting in the end.  good luck.