Battle of The Bakeries Winner

this was a fantastic event for a trial run at the insanity that will begin when we open the entire field tomorrow.  the response was fantastic.  everybody must love baked goods like i do.  if you didn’t vote, make sure you do when the tournament opens tomorrow because  well, it’s really fun.  if you do vote, only vote once.  it will work in the same format as the play-in match, but with all matches from a region instead of just two.  here are some other thoughts:

1.  don’t run up the score for the restaurant you picked to win the tournament in order to score a $50.00 gift card from the royal family.

2.   you can enlist other people to vote for your horse, but don’t vote multiple times (sounds like #1).  other than extra voting, you can promote however you want.  given the results of just the play-in match, there could easily be an upset if a dedicated wave of fans pushes through.

3.  i’ve got veto power especially if i think there are shenanigans, chicanery or other shtuff going on (we can see ip addresses).  but, the will of the people is paramount.

4.  get your brackets to the QoF to enter to win.  it takes a couple of steps, so most of the court isn’t going to enter – upping your chances.

5.  feel free to hit up the fan page of the restaurant you want to win while voting is going on.

6.  the bracket entries cease prior to the results of voting being released for round 1.

7. like the king of free on facebook

8.  the country biscuit breakfast from bob evans with a few modifications (sub out homefries for an extra biscuit and bob evans gravy instead of that white gravy w/ sausage crumblies) is perhaps the greatest meal ever invented.  there is however a 40% margin of error with all my subbing.  i don’t want to send something back on my first meal.  sorry – been catching flack (deservedly so) for including bob.

9. oh yeah . . . and the winner of the battle of the bakeries is . . . with over 90% of the vote and approved by your KoF is Long’s Bakery. after the results, stone creek backers best take note for a potential first round upset – just sayin’.