Early Results For Round 1

this is the last day to vote for the first round. get out the vote.  follow the links below.
like the King of Free on facebook and vote. like the restaurants and let’em know the King of Free sent you. as an aside, post on the fan page if you plan on coming to our debt free party.

voting for italimexinese
voting for fancy shmancy region
voting for ‘erbody else region
voting for bovine region

today is also the last day to turn in a bracket.  basically it’s a chance to win a $50.00 gift card.  and, it’s ridiculously fun to follow along. here are the early results and commentary.

italimexinese region (best contests btw)
my new bff milano inn is in a dead heat with vito provolone’s.  interesting thing about vito provolone’s is that it was the first real obstacle in the 2 year, 3 month, and 28 day  restaurant free streak.  i turned down a free meal there and watched everybody else eat because i was close to making it 30 days. if you can do not something for 30 days, your odds go up exponentially that you’ve made permanent life change.

barlo’s pizza is starting the fourth quarter way behind and needs help from the twelfth man. el sol’s menu looks amazing, so a late push may not be enough.  barlo’s is a dave ramsey backed eatery and ran by entreleaders. plus they’re an underdog.  while i will make the final call, it is not my inclination to ignore the will of the people especially in the first round.

mama carolla’s and santorini’s is too close to call.

bovine region
bynum’s is in a close match with jersey’s cafe.  for as much pretournament hype as bub’s received, it may be overmatched by fogo.

erbody else region
the folks at 3 sisters cafe have been really nice.  black swan brewpub responded with interest and not contempt too.   in the most lopsided match without a forfeit, scotty’s (who surprisingly hasn’t taken notice of the tournament) is creeping in on the 10 run rule against bob evans.  bob was included because the country biscuit breakfast with the right substitutions is the perfect meal.  because of my substitutions, there is a 40% margin of error.  can’t have my first meal back come out wrong – spike in blood pressure + gravy = never good.

periodically my council of men (every dad & husband needs one) will have breakfast at Flap-Jack’s. i watch.  it looks/smells marvelous.

fancy shmancy
plum’s upper room has been very gracious.  the winner of r bistro and richard’s kitchen may have a lock on the sweet sixteen because of the way the bracket worked out.  sometimes it’s best to be lucky and good.