if i wrote a book

hypothetically, if the KoF writes a book it will have 101 or 127(can’t decide) things we actually did to pay off 127K. not theories, crazy junk we actually did.  the tips would be succinct and to the point. each number would have a correlating quote and book title for further study.  let me know your thoughts as to the concept – not content provided herein. this would be a sample section (not the best section because of something to do with a cow and milk) but a section nonetheless: 

#7  what does it actually cost?

the enemy of the best is not the worst, it is the good.

Trade off. Opportunity cost. Call it whatever you want. When you buy one thing, you can’t buy another. When you spend time doing one thing, you can’t do another. Get the most out of what you are buying and how you use your time. If you can buy twice as many widgets for the price you might pay for one, go with the cheaper price. In fact, seek it out. First and foremost ask: do I even need this widget? Consider if your purchase is: penny now, pound later. Even if something seems like a great deal, it’s not if you are going to have to replace the item multiple times.

The King and Queen have a bent toward justice. It’s not as easy to buy a bottle of water when you know that $1.00 can provide clean drinking water to someone for an entire year. If you’re getting out of debt like we were, this concept is very convicting. “Should I buy those $.19 placemats or use the $.76 to pay off debt?,” was an actual analysis the QoF made.

READ: The Automatic Millionaire by David Bach