on the road to nashville

over the last four years you could have ended every sentence i spoke, wrote, or even thought with, “i’m on my way to nashville.”  maybe not every one. but, definitely the sentences where i declined to do or buy something or made any financial decision whatsoever.  this isn’t like ending a fortune from a fortune cookie with, “in the bathtub.” that’s just weird.  being on the way to nashville has purpose.  it is intentional.  it has meaning.  when you have purpose, you eliminate distractions. you eliminate anything keeping you from fulfilling your purpose. 

dave ramsey’s headquarters are in nashville, tn.  crazy people go there and scream that they are debt free during his broadcast. i’m crazy. certifiable.  we’re debt free. it makes sense for us to go and scream.  thursday, april 12, 2012 we’ll be live on air (you should tune in).  but, for four years we’ve been on our way there.  that’s been the goal.  sure, we had to kill the dragon first.  but, it’s not as impactful to rejoice in death as it is in life.  and life, especially new life, is best celebrated with an announcement. so on thursday, april 12, 2012 (did i mention that date already?) we will announce to millions of people that we are debt free. all caps. exclamation points.  perhaps some extra e’s. 

this announcement begins our new financial life.  our chains are gone.  our debts are paid.  no longer are we oppressed. no longer are we slaves.  we’ve been set free.  the dragon is dead and we can live.

tune in on thursday.  rejoice with us.  scream with us if you want. most importantly, set out for your own nashville.  don’t wait.  don’t take shortcuts.  don’t get distracted. don’t quit.  have purpose. have a big, hairy, audacious, goal.  be intentional.  break those chains. begin a new life.  it is worth it.  it is possible.  you can do this.