Restaurant Tournament Officialish Rules

the seedings are somewhat arbitrary.  all restaurants in this tournament could be a number one seed. each one is amazing – possibly the best around.  however, this tournament is not a ranking system or a “best around” list.  i have no authority in this arena as i haven’t ate at a restaurant in over 2 years, 3 months, and 21 days.  i’ve gotta pick a restaurant though and it’s gotta be good.  my apologies to those restaurants that didn’t make the tournament e.g. olive garden: the largest and most beautiful restaurant in my town. 

first, like the fan page and let me know each time you vote.  it has nothing to do with the voting, it’s just fun.  voting will be via google docs for each region and will be posted to the blog.  you’ll have to vote again for your favorite in the second round (assuming your favorite makes it to the second round).  official voting begins this thursday.  this will give you time to fill out your own entire bracket and return it for a chance to win a prize. stayed tuned for details.  it will also give time for the word to spread to the fan pages of the restaurants involved. like their pages. build the hype.  spread the word to encourage the fans of the restaurant(s) you are rooting for. or get your friends to help you run up the score.

i’ll defer to the court, but have final say in each match.  the outcomes are not predetermined and the tournament is not rigged.  but, i’m perfectly willing to be influenced, swayed, cajoled, or bought.  when filling out your own bracket, please understand that my decisions may be based on how i’m feeling at that exact moment or if i just ate something too garlicky.