Selection Sunday: Fancy Shmancy Region

voting begins on thursday, but here’s the bracket for the fancy shmancy region.  apparently some of these restaurants are not fancy shmancy.  i haven’t ate at restaurant for over two years, obviously i don’t get out much.

  • cheeseandicecream

    as long as St. Elmos or Harry and Izzys doesnt win..but If I had a choice Id hope the mom and pop Jersey cafe wins

  • Rachel

    Euphoria is no longer open as a restaurant, FYI. It is open for private events, so if you’re planning on reserving the space and taking 20 to 200 of your closest friends, you’re still good. But if not, you might want to replace it before voting starts. :) Looking forward to seeing how this plays out!

  • King of Free

    boy, i don’t get out much. always wanted to go there.