The Final Four

during the most awesomest of debt free parties, the KoF announced the final four. each restaurant’s path to the the final four can be found at the link next to the restaurant.  this was all voter based.  please give my buddies at the milano inn some love.  they had a great run.  the royals shall feast there someday because of their kindness.

representing the erbody else region is 3 sisters cafe.

representing the fancy shmancy region is scotty’s lakehouse

representing the italimexinese region is bazbeaux pizza

representing the bovine region in a total (but well earned) bracket buster is teddy’s burger joint

there are only two (yep two) brackets remaining in the at home bracket challenge.  Sir Eric fought valiantly, but did not prevail. had there not been an early forfeit (fuddy duddy), who knows?  Sir Aaron The Namecaller is still in the lead.  Lady Robin is in second place.  here’s what’s exciting, one match will decide the whole thing.  one match will determine who wins $50.00 from the winning restaurant.  the bracket has been scored in a standard 1,2,3,4,6,10 format.  the winner of the scotty’s lakehouse and bazbeaux pizza match decides it all (their other picks are eliminated). so we’ll know the winner of the at home bracket challenge before we know the winning restaurant.  keep it ethical competitors, but encourage others to vote.  voting will start tonight.