Thank You

i feel like this guy:
i feel like george bailey from it’s a wonderful life.  the richest man in town.  he was rich because he had friends.  the KoF & QoF have a ton of friends. more than we deserve.  and they showed up today. they showed up huge.  our friends celebrated with us. our friends rejoiced with us because something that was lost was found.  something that was broken was restored.  our friends have walked with us, wept with us, prayed with us, cheered us on,  and have had our backs for each and every penny of the $127,000.00 that we paid off and during each and every day of the last four years.  you never know where loyalty is born.  rest assured when someone shows up at midnight, in someone’s darkest hour,  and doesn’t bail – loyalty is birthed there.  friendship is forged in the fire of difficult circumstances.  we are grateful. overwhelmingly and unceasingly grateful.  people weren’t showing up throwing money at us . . . sorta (more on that in a later paragraph), but we got our debt free party on with the people we love and who love us well.

more specifically, and aside from our folks who have been ridiculously supportive and instrumental in our journey (happy mother’s day), our core group of friends is the  we meet with a group of people on a regular basis.  meeting with purposeful and intentional people over a long period of time is highly recommended by the KoF.  no king slays a dragon alone.  today, these folks showed up early and set-up + stayed late and cleaned-up. i didn’t just meet them yesterday. this is a long term participatory partnership.  we all show up big for each other whenever we can. i am thankful for these people. i love these people.  my family is better because of these people.  we are debt free because of these people. 

more more specifically, Sir Brad painted a canvas for everybody to sign.  he’s an amazing artist. he creates something out of nothing.  Sir Dustin performed music. he composed two original songs for the occasion.  check these guys out.   

which brings us back to the money throwing.  people did throw money. not at us. and not really throw. more like purposefully gave. to blood:water mission.  there are people in this world who didn’t have clean drinking water who now will because of the generosity and compassion of our friends.  today was not about us.  it was allegorical for something much bigger than our story.  it was about thanking the people who stood by us.  it was about being a part of the reconciliation and restoration of all things. it was about giving hope. gratitude. inspiration. mercy. justice. and about Nehemiah 6:16 (more on that in a later post).

so from the bottom of my heart. i, your most humble and loyal King of Free, thank you. clarence was right. no man is a failure who has friends.

  • Suellen


  • Brad

    It’s George Bailey, but I get what you mean. :)

  • cheeseandicecream

    Way to be a light and source to us all

  • King of Free

    thanks friends. thanks, Sir Brad – it was like 1 a.m.