who’s leading at home after the second round

become a fan on facebook.  first a note: when voting begins tomorrow to determine who will make it to the elite 8, please go all out bananas in your voting. freaknasty if you have to.  everybody can’t win, but i want to make sure that the people are heard and heard again.  there is great disappointment in the kingdom as i won’t be eating an elephant ear from scotty’s thr3e wise men.  favorites like Plum’s Upper Room didn’t make it.  they were kind in an early correspondence.  treat them well.  if i have a favorite right now, it’s 3 Sisters.  that could change with the weather, but the early response from those folks was very cool.  teddy’s burger joint is the cinderella right now, but they have taken notice.  the milano inn and i are facebook bff’s and that’s been pretty fun.  they are facing off against la trattoria tomorrow in a  battle of the italian restaurants.  la trattoria extinguished my hope of elephant ear consumption, but they are pretty much in my back yard.

here’s what i’m looking for in my first restaurant back.  delicious.  i kinda want special attention.  someplace where hootin’ and hollerin’ is allowed and encouraged.  someplace familiar with the phrase hootin’ and hollerin’.  this is a celebration of epic proportion. i don’t plan on going alone.  speaking of celebration, lemme know either way if you’re coming to the KoF & QoF’s debt free party.

after round 2, Sir Aaron is still in the lead.  Sir Eric has taken over second place.  Lady Laura and Lady Robin are tied for third.  good luck.