who’s winning at home?

me. the King of Free.  that’s who’s winning.  can’t lose if any one of the elite 8 gets picked.  they’re all good.  so no matter what, at the end of the tournament i get to eat at a fantastic restaurant.  and while my streak of 2 years 4 months and some change will be broken, i will have eliminated at least one possible mental illness from everyone’s suspicion.  not eating at restaurants has been difficult.  but it’s been worth it.

here’s who else is winning. me. still winning.  the at home bracket challenge has been really fun.  lots of folks entered: some i knew personally; some through the blog; some through the QoF; some not at all;  some who picked kansas to win – it’s been a treat to score these brackets.  more importantly we get to give away $. which is thrilling. couldn’t do something like this a little over a month ago and now we can.

the KoF doesn’t have favorites, but it’s awesome that the two fellas running one and two in the at home bracket challenge have a long and storied history with our most honorable court.  in second place is Sir Eric.  Sir Eric’s family began a debt slaying journey on or about the same time as your royal family.  only they destroyed their dragon much sooner than your King and Queen of Free.  we believe we had the same catalyst, but cannot pinpoint exactly what it was.  it matters not as our stories are forever intertwined. 

in first place is Sir Aaron The Namecaller.  Sir Aaron first uttered the moniker: Queen of Free.  and for this we are all thankful.  legend has it that an eagle with the arms of a bear came from one of the nine realms and spoke the title to Sir Aaron in a dream. or it was because he was among some first followers that were amazed at her penchant for freebies. can’t remember which. 

good luck to everyone, old friends and new. 

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/04279240295862678068 Suellen

    LOVE the way you write!!