3 Sisters is . . .

awesome. gracious. fun. and most importantly, delicious.  

i don’t write restaurant reviews. that’s not my thing. words like nestled and pallet aren’t in my ordinary vernacular.  so this isn’t a restaurant review. please be reminded: the king spent 2.5 years not eating at restaurants – he’s hardly an expert. 3 Sisters Cafe has been on diners drive-ins and dives (apparently a show on this cable tv that all the kids are talking about) where their corn cakes were featured.  needless to say, i went with the corn cakes. served with lemon curd.  didn’t know what lemon curd was. still don’t. pretty stinkin’ good with corn cakes though.  the QoF recorded the first bite and i’m sure we’ll post it. 

here’s why i love 3 Sisters. and whoever suggested it for the tournament. and whoever voted for it.  3 Sisters gets it.  pictured to the right is me (standing at 7′ 5″) and Lady Moira. she’s part owner of 3 Sisters and super cool.  think your favorite aunt.  that loves you with food.  she, from the moment our tournament began, really got our story.  the power of a great story is not lost on her – probably because she has a great story as well.  thank you Lady Moira.

you should eat at 3 Sisters if you haven’t ate at a restaurant in 2.5 years or if you love America, food, great people, sunshine, or cool stuff. 

that first bite of corn cake was liberating.  it tasted like freedom.  the old law was gone. that first bite represented the end for 2.5 years of sacrifice, discipline, and culinary chess.  that first bite was a reminder of a debt slaying journey.  that first bite didn’t taste like a million bucks, it tasted like one hundred twenty-seven thousand. 

maybe you are in the midst of financial struggle. of your own debt slaying journey.  do more.   it is worth it.  you can do this.  right now you may be in the wilderness of consumer debt.   but, there are corn cakes in the promised land.  freedom is on its way and it is served with lemon curd.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/08223991090625890557 JCo

    Ha ha, corn cakes in the promised land – that is great!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/15128164336218369734 Brady

    Gave me chills reading story

  • http://cheeseandicecream.wordpress.com/ cheeseandicecream

    Very hip King…Glad it was worth the wait and you are correct, 3 Sisters is without a doubt a trend setter in the food scene here in Indy.