what i learned

a fast

and the winners are . . .

technically, the winner was decided by a final four match-up and the final match was not mathematically necessary.  however, the winner gets a $50.00 gift card from the winning restaurant in the tournament.  it’s hard to announce a winner without announcing what said winner won.  the votes have been tabulated (for a while now) and the winner of the at home tournament is Lady Robin.  well done Lady Robin.  once the KoF eats at the winning restaurant he’ll pick up a $50.00 gift card at that time and the QoF will make arrangements with you (did i just refer to myself in the 3rd and 2nd person?).  condolences to Sir Aaron The Namecaller who lost by but a smidge. 

for those of you following along at home wondering – wait, what’s the winning restaurant? – you haven’t missed anything.  it hasn’t been announced yet. keep reading.  there was some voting goofiness and then i had to go back prior to the voting cut off to ensure there wasn’t any previous goofiness.  no goofiness.  my hope was to arrange a time at which i’d go to be able to announce along with the winner.  no avail.  so let’s get on with it.  but first, please consider sharing your certificates of appreciation with the super cool restaurants in the bracket like milano inn, teddy’s burger joint, and plum’s upper room.  those spots didn’t win, but the folks at those places were supportive and all around good sports.  the winner, where the KoF will break his now 2.5 year restaurant free streak is:

like them on facebook. let them know the king is coming and it’s a big deal.  let me know if you wanna meet me there.  i didn’t write that like how sometimes old ladies inadvertantly write what they mean to be private messages to their friends as their facebook status updates instead. seriously. we’ll announce the date (soon) and you should meet me there.  make sure i get to sit first though.  i’ve waited in line for 2.5 years already.


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    Very solid and well deserved to break the streak.