my restaurant bender

the KoF’s new found restaurant freedom has led to a tour de munch.  after 2.5 years without a restaurant, food tastes different than i remember.  places i used to crave or would choose in the food game are undesirable.  one of the things i’ve learned is that i don’t have to eat at restaurants. true story.  so if am gonna eat at a restaurant, it best be good. crazy good.  otherwise the king ain’t goin’ back. there were 64 (62) restaurants in the bracket, so i don’t have much time to waste on sub par meals.  the following is a brief history (random notes) of where i’ve been so far. i’ll take a shot at chain restaurants, but i’ll leave the independents who stunk as nameless.  the independents are just trying to make a dollar.  i love the entrepreneur. i won’t go back, but i’m not gonna publicly hate. that’s not what the king does.

3 Sisters: go.  bottom line.  moira is part owner in the place and the nicest lady ever.  corncakes are stellar.  great 1st place to eat.  many thanks to The Court for putting it in the tournament and voting it as the winner. go.

unnamed pizza place from tournament: not impressed. probably won’t go back.  still have friends who say good things about it, so maybe it was an off day. ordinary pizza. it was one of the early restaurants after the wonderful 3 Sisters, so i was concerned that i was gonna be a restaurant snob.

chick fil a: every other week i get together with manfriends for breakfast . . . or watching breakfast.  i splurged on the chicken biscuit because of fond memories.  it did not disappoint.  could have got the best chicken biscuit in the history of chicken biscuits, but even still it stays as a viable future choice.

qdoba: totally shut down in line because i forgot how to order. it had been that long.  the guy behind me in line had to give me a nudge.  too expensive. not that good. this made me a little sad because i remembered it being good. i wanted it to be good.  probably not going back.

subway: don’t get it.  must be like diet coke. or beer. some sort of acquired taste that if you consume enough of it, you begin to like it.  i like the concept. big fan of lots of veggie choices.  not that great. probably not going back.  not kicking myself for dashing into a grocery store all those times instead of getting subway.  grocery stores have lots of veggies too.  for the price, probably not going back. wouldn’t refuse it if it was catered in. not going on purpose. 

Massey’s Pizza:  pretty good stuff.  my friend Sir Brad, picked up some Massey’s for a night of pro wrestling movies. go with the meatball pizza.  it’ll be a while before we go back only because we have so many other places to try.  quality pie though.

Tavern on South: holy buffalo.  not the sauce, the wings, or the bills. the furry cow looking thing. yum.  the QoF and i went for our anniversary.  the bison burger was huge. and amazing. and covered in house made bbq and bacon. wow.  the prices were reasonable. service was excellent.  cool place.

place we went for dessert after Tavern on South: desserts are normally amazing (long story how i know this). cake kinda dry from being out all day.  coffee warm, not hot.  service disinterested and disappeared.  server was gone long enough that i had to ask someone else for our check. server finally reappeared hurriedly just in time to hand me the check and blow some second hand smoke into my face. perfect after dessert treat.  banished.  sad, because it’s one of the QoF’s favorites.

texas roadhouse: you realize we are still frugal, right? between gift cards and coupons we didn’t really pay for anything at this one.  the others are frugaled up and my restaurant bender is drawing to a close. roadhouse may not have made the fancy shmancy region of the tournament (or the tournament at all), but it delivered on warm white bread rolls.  and the staff is nice.  decent experience.  would go back the next time we can do it for free.