A New Affection

“The only way to dispossess the
heart of an old affection is through
the expulsive power of a new one.”
Thomas Chalmers

i’m a killer. straight up. 
but gifted in the deconstruction and decimation of objects, ideas, and conventions.
expert dragon slayer.  

the dragon is dead though.  the transition from popping a can on the dragon to building the castle walls has proved to be quite the adjustment.  it’s like when forrest ran into the end zone and kept going. we reached the end zone – we’re debt free – but there is still something in me that wants to fight a battle already won – to keep on running. 

at some point, we’ve all tried to fight a battle already won. it doesn’t end well.  the king’s dragon killin’ energy and expertise need channelled into a different arena. zealous dragon whomping needs replaced by a new challenge. a new battle. a new affection.

this new affection for which i search is a specific one.  it requires the intensity it took to bury the dragon.  it requires the experience gained from 4 years of of outwitting  and outmaneuvering the dragon’s fiery breath and guile.  it requires a king who is still standing and knows why the dragon is not.  perhaps it is an injustice that needs righted, captives that need freed – i dunno.  until i find it, i may just keep running further out of the end zone – fighting a battle already won.