101 Ways We Got Out Of Debt


Source: google.com via Brian on Pinterest

we paid off over $127,000.00 of debt in four (4) years.  during those four years we made several small changes over time in order to slay the Debt Dragon.  occasionally, at a speaking engagement or on the fan page folks will ask how we did it.  due to time constraints or my limited typing skills, my answer is usually something like: we went bezerk or we went freaknasty all up on that debt.  while true, i can do better.  since we paid off our last debt in march, i’ve been working on a series i’m calling Debt Free 101: one hundred and one things we did to pay off $127K in 4 years. 

in an effort to combat any inconsistent blogging, the content (except for the eighties) is already written and the first 18 are scheduled on a sun, tues, th rhythm.  stay tuned. sign up. find out how we whooped our Dragon and maybe you’ll find some frugal tips to help you too. 

the caveat is don’t try all these strategies at once. remember this took us four years of blood, sweat & tears.  Dragon’s aren’t defeated overnight.  the first post in the series drops sunday. i hope to post other things besides the Debt Free 101 series too.  but, if you’re in it to figure out how we pulled off such a herculean feat, i’ve tagged the posts as Debt Free 101.